The Dirty Truth

Answers to Your Hospital Housekeeping and Janitorial Service Questions.

Lessons from Dad..."We will figure it out"

I cannot remember how many times I heard the phrase “We will figure it out” from my Dad.

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Lessons from Dad..."Be Irrational"

As a child I never knew fear of failure. I watched my Dad take on one business venture after another and....mostly fail.

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OctoClean's 7 Tips to Customer Retention and Growth

If you search the internet for business nurturing, you often find programs designed to nurture prospective customers or your “top” customers. You will less often encounter nurturing to your existing customers and rarely do you hear about nurturing to your employees or in our case to our OctoClean Franchise Owners. Nurturing, in terms of marketing, dominates the web.There is no point to hide the fact that janitorial businesses are for profit. The goal is to obtain a larger customer base through marketing, advertising and sales activities. The combination of dynamic sales and strong customer retention, will lead many companies to reach their desired goals.Do we place a higher value on marketing, advertising and sales or do we focus on retention? The experts will tell you both and they are absolutely correct. One without the other will affect the balance of a company. However, a strong customer retention program will provide stability and longevity in the industry and it will end up providing your sales department a competitive advantage over the competition.
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OctoClean Interview Hints for Better Results

The system we grew up in is based on a simple formula: Do your job. Show up. Work hard. Listen to the boss. Stick it out. Be part of the system. You’ll be rewarded. Seth Godin, Linchpin

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The Best Process for Hiring Employees

The degree of difficulty in firing someone increases in direct proportion to the amount of time that an individual has been on the job. - Sandler Training

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