The Dirty Truth

Answers to Your Hospital Housekeeping and Janitorial Service Questions.

Is Your Dirty Restroom Giving Your Business a Bad Reputation?

Most people try to avoid public restrooms whenever possible. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Bathrooms, especially public ones, are known for being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.
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Surprising Places Germs Are Hiding In Your Office

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How clean is your office? Most offices make sure the garbage cans are emptied, desktops are dusted, carpets have been vacuumed or swept and the lobby or reception desk is clear of clutter. But what hidden threats are lurking in your office?
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What's Fermenting In Your Office Fridge?

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When was the last time your office refrigerator was cleaned out? I mean REALLY cleaned out?

In every office refrigerator, you can find unmarked Tupperware containers filled with leftovers the owner has long since forgotten about, mystery foods wrapped in foil as well as old bottles of condiments that just magically appeared one day and nobody lays claim to. Add to that the strange sticky spill that is unidentifiable yet never gets cleaned up.
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