The Dirty Truth

Answers to Your Hospital Housekeeping and Janitorial Service Questions.

What Does A Day Porter Do?

Keeping your building looking professional and clean between your regularly scheduled cleaning services can be a challenge. Little things arise daily that can affect the first impression you make on customers and visitors. Things like mud tracked into your lobby from a rainy day or a burned out light bulb in the hallway make your company look unprepared to handle the tasks that need to be taken care of and could give the impression that you handle your business in the same sloppy manner.

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Beyond Housekeeping: Why Hotels Need Commercial Cleaning Expertise

Going on vacation is a special treat for most families and most times, their travel plans will involve staying at a hotel. The standards for cleanliness and sanitation in the hotel industry are extremely high, and rightfully so. While your housekeeping staff undoubtedly works hard, most hotels/motels are understaffed, meaning that certain areas are routinely left undone.

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How Often Should You Have Your Commercial Carpet Cleaned?

Every business wants to project a positive image, and cleanliness plays a big role in this area. When your carpet is clean and welcoming, people assume that you run a productive business. Commercial carpets withstand consistent sprinklings of dirt and debris, especially in high-traffic areas.

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Cleaning For Health vs. Appearance

 Just because it looks and smells clean doesn't mean that it actually IS clean.

If your medical facility or other office building is in need of a janitorial contractor, make sure that you're not signing up for just a superficial clean. It is important to look at your cleaning service as an investment in your business' success and the cost of cutting corners can negatively impact the health of your patients and staff.
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Is Your Dirty Restroom Giving Your Business a Bad Reputation?

Most people try to avoid public restrooms whenever possible. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Bathrooms, especially public ones, are known for being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.
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