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Answers to Your Hospital Housekeeping and Janitorial Service Questions.

Why Disinfectants Used in Hospital Housekeeping Aren't "Green"

It is often said that you cannot "go green" in a hospital because of the amount of disinfectants that are used. In the “green” world, disinfectants are not given that label because they kill organisms and bacteria and they do not differentiate between good and bad bacteria.In my former life, I sold chemicals. I prided myself on the ability to explain a chemical technically and describe the theory about why it was made to do the job it was marketed it to do. (This is my nerd speech.)
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Five Tips for CMS and Joint Commission Survey Preparation

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an unannounced CMS Validation survey at the Hospital I work at. It served as a great wakeup call to all hospital staff of the necessity to be survey-ready at all times. It would seem simple enough to say that you should always be ready for a survey, but that usually isn’t the case. At a minimum, all Hospital Environmental Services departments should be prepared for the following inspection points:

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OctoClean Housekeeping Services...Day One.

This is my story of the first day at Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center as the leader of the .

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OctoClean Housekeeping Services...Keeping It Clean and Quiet.

"Clean and Quiet”

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