The Dirty Truth

Answers to Your Hospital Housekeeping and Janitorial Service Questions.

How Healthcare Providers, Patients, & ES Staff Can Stop CRE

 What are CRE?

CRE stands for carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae. Quite a mouthful right? Carbapenem are last resort antibiotics and Enterobacteriaceae are bacteria normally found in the human gut. If we put those together, we’ve got bacteria that are nearly impossible to treat with anything in our current arsenal of antibiotics. They are also lethal. Some strains have been known to kill up to 50% of those people infected. What is most worrisome to many health professionals, including the Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Tom Friedan, is that this bacteria are becoming increasingly widespread.

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5 Tips for Floor Care Mastery

Let me tell you a story of the hardest, slowest and costliest floor job in my cleaning history. . .

My girlfriend and future wife was away at school in London and I needed to make some quick money doing extra work. I had stripped floors from time to time with my Dad in our family janitorial business so I figured I would take a floor job on my own.

When I got to the job site, I remember that the floor looked pretty good. It had a shine to it but also had a shadow of dirt under the “wax”.

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Getting Fear Out of the Driver's Seat

Many of us have been trained to use systems. We use them to be more efficient and productive. There is one system, however, that runs through all areas of our lives that is not helpful but destructive. This system contains very important ingredients (control, dependence, distrust and scarcity) and we find it at work all around us. This system is called FEAR.

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11 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Janitorial Service

I have learned from my many years of experience in the janitorial industry that all too often customers don’t ask enough questions of prospective janitorial vendors. People tend to hire a firm based on price, get burned because of poor service, and repeat the process again and again.

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Pros and Cons of a Franchise vs. Company-Owned Janitorial Business

When people find out OctoClean is a franchisor, they often have questions about why we chose to go the “franchising route” and what the benefits and drawbacks of hiring directly and franchising are. Before I answer this question, I should say that I have a total of 21 years in the janitorial industry and, during that time, have been a part of both company owned and franchising systems.

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