The Dirty Truth

Answers to Your Hospital Housekeeping and Janitorial Service Questions.

Understanding Janitorial Bids

Let’s say you are considering hiring a janitorial provider and you’ve been presented with four different bids. Each bid is specific to your facility and includes the same services.


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The Top 5 Most Common Cleaning Concerns

Having concerns about your facility's cleaning is valid when hiring a professional cleaning service. Especially when you work within a specialized industry that may require more services than the average office space. But don't worry. We hear cleaning concerns all the time and we're sharing them with you along with solutions based on years of experience.

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Medical Cleaning: What You Need to Know

There are two major functions of cleaning. The first is to make a space look nice. As vain as it may seem, appearances are important, especially when it comes to a business. The second function of cleaning is to obviously clean and sterilize. While a surface may look nice and shiny, it may not be properly disinfected.

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