OctoClean and Pinterest: An Unlikely Match

OctoClean and Pinterest: An Unlikely Match

Yes, OctoClean has a Pinterest page. “What ever for?” you might ask, just as I did initially. Before I really understood what Pinterest was, it seemed absurd to me that OctoClean, a company that provides janitorial and hospital housekeeping services, would be “pinning” photos online. What could we possibly have to pin that would be worth noting? Well, it turns out, a lot more than I would have thought. In fact, the possibilities for us on Pinterest seem nearly endless.

Our Pinterest page was started by a former coworker, Nikol. When she left OctoClean a few months ago to pursue a social media career in Texas, our Pinterest account was in its embryonic stage. At that time, we had a few boards; among them were “OctoClean Culture”, “Orange & Green” (our company colors), and “Favorite Octopi” (our mascot/logo). When Nikol asked me if I would be the new curator of our boards, I was mystified. What on earth was I going to pin for us? Not as many ideas for pinable images come to mind for a janitorial franchising company as for, let’s say, Elie Saab, an A-list fashion designer who uses the medium to display his latest collections.


My first days on OctoClean’s Pinterest consisted of me bumbling around, pinning photos to our existing boards without a whole lot of vision or direction. (I have since deleted quite a few of these earlier pins.)  But recently, a whole new vision for Pinterest has dawned on me. In addition to the original boards, I’ve added pins showcasing the work done by our franchisees, the city we’re located in, our community involvement, the things we’re obsessed with, the places we’ve been and hope to go on vacation...Anybody could look at our boards and, within five minutes, have a pretty decent snapshot of our company culture. But that’s not all.  In the future, I hope to make our pinboard a mainstay of our community. I’d like to create a mini-OctoClean library by pinning blogs, eBooks, and articles that we’ve written or have read and found useful. We could also create a photo gallery of our franchise owners that link to their personal bios, training certifications and descriptions of the services they provide.  Last but not least, I want to include more on-the-job photos of OctoClean franchise owners to showcase the level of quality that they are able to achieve in their work. We currently have one pinboard with a few pictures of floors we’ve done but this is only the beginning. We’ve definitely only just skimmed the surface of all the ways we can utilize Pinterest. The only challenge now will be to find time to pin all of these pinspirations.

What has your experience with Pinterest been like? Do you have any ideas for us? We’d love to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions below.


(In addition to pinning for OctoClean, I take a rabid interest in pinning to my own page. Yvonne Stowe, our President, Matt Stowe, our COO, and Melanie Savolainen, our Customer Support Rep, also have personal pages and are co-pinners on our account.)

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