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The Employee's Guide to Quickly Cleaning Your Desk

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 A clean and tidy work environment boosts productivity and is good for your own peace of mind. Keeping your workspace organized is easy enough in theory but when deadlines are looming, it is usually the first to drop off your priority list. With desks providing the perfect host for bacteria, maintaining a strict cleaning schedule should be a priority. In addition, a cluttered, messy and even dirty desk doesn't just prevent us from working pleasantly and productively, they can also impact how others view us.

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How to Remove Coffee Stains and Messes in the Office

Coffee is a staple that can be found in nearly all office buildings. Unfortunately, numerous people walking around with their coveted cups of Joe are bound to leave behind coffee rings on tables, stains on carpet and spills on upholstery. Coffee stains are pretty much inevitable, so you need to know how to handle these common office mishaps.

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Tips for a Tidy Break Room

Regardless of the type of facility you run, your employees need a place where they can relax during their break and lunch hour. These areas can quickly become messy and unsanitary. So how do you keep your break room clean? The following office cleaning tips are simple ways to maintain this area.

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How to Prepare Your Office for a Visit from the Carpet Cleaner

Every good business person knows that appearance matters. You dress yourself to appear more professional at the office, but what about the office itself? A clean, orderly office not only boosts morale for employees, it also gives the impression that you care about details and are ready to tackle any job that comes your way.

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The Average Desk is 400x Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

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While most people associate the bathroom with being the epitome of filth, some of the items we encounter on a daily basis actually harbor a staggering amount of harmful bacteria... up to 10x as many germs as a public toilet! Attention to detail can mean the difference between safe and dangerous; even the smallest missed cleaning opportunity can lead to the spread of bacteria which can mean lost time for employees, bad first impressions for new customers an even low office morale.

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