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The Top 5 Lessons We Learned While Remodeling Our New Office

As you learned in our last blog post, we moved into a brand new office! This will be our fourth office space and the first that we designed. With each new space we've moved into, we've taken chances and made changes to better suit our business, and we've learned a lot of lessons along the way. Today we're sharing the most important lessons with you.


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We're Moving into Our New Office!

After 18 months of working towards a new corporate office, we are finally moving in tomorrow, August 30th! We aren't leaving Riverside or moving far from our current location. The new office is only two blocks away located at 1695 Spruce Street, Riverside, CA 92507.


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The Financial Impacts of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

Every health care facility wants to save money. The first place facility management tends to look is where they can cut spending. This includes paper product selection, avoiding unnecessary services or using fewer products. The next step is usually reviewing where they can be more mindful. For example, by reducing waste, controlling product usage and educating team members of their efforts.


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How to Manage Quality Control

In a service based industry, you need systems in place to measure and manage quality. What does quality mean to you? More importantly, how do you ensure quality services? We've found that good standards and practices start with good communication. When a team works together, it's possible to improve productivity, save time and reduce costs. Below are three ways to improve communication and ultimately manage quality control.

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What is Environmental Services (EVS) in Health Care?

Many are familiar with the terms "janitorial" and "housekeeping," but not as many are familiar with environmental services (EVS), a term that is used to exclusively describe cleaning performed in health care settings.


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